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Annual Plant Sale - April 26th

April 26th, 8:30AM - 2PM | 1936 N. Killingsworth St.

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Upcoming Event: Club Meeting

Tuesday, April 22nd: Starting at 7:00PM

Guest Speaker: Lucy Hardiman

Topic: Curb Appeal How to Bring Pizzazz to Your Front Entrance

Meeting Location: Subud Center

3185 NE Regents Drive, Portland

Social Time: 7:00PM, Meeting Time: 7:30PM

Our topic for April's meeting is "Curb Appeal How to Bring Pizzazz to Your Front Entrance", we are extremely fortunate to have a nationally recognized garden designer, writer, teacher as well as the owner and principal of the award-winning Perennial Partners, a garden design group in Portland. As a garden designer, Lucy focuses on the "big picture" in creating conceptual designs. Her wealth of horticultural and botanical knowledge is evident in her planting plans. As a writer, she has penned stories for Northwest Garden News, Pacific Horticulture, and Horticulture Magazine, where she is a regional contributing editor. Perennial Partners is a dynamic garden design collaborative rooted in an obsession with gardens, a passion for plants, people and innovative hardscape design, founded by Lucy.

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Plant of the Month: Kerria Japonica (Japanese Rose)

Kerria Japonica (Japanese Rose)

Kerria japonica plants are deciduous flowering shrubs in the rose family Rosaceae, native to China, Japan and Korea. It's named after William Kerr, who introduced the cultivar 'Pleniflora'. The scientific genus name is also used as a common name Kerria. Japanese rose shrubs bear yellow flowers in spring and can provide additional blooming later in the summer. The main branches on the double flowering type arch gracefully to a height of 8-10 feet (the width can be restricted to similar dimensions through general pruning and, specifically, the removal of suckers). Smaller branches radiate off the main ones in all directions. The branching pattern thus affords interest both vertically and horizontally. The bark is a pleasing kelly green to greenish-yellow, to boot -- a color retained throughout the winter.


Here's a few tips that will help you to enjoy your spring garden:

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