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Upcoming Event: Club Meeting

Tuesday, August 26th

Social/Garden Time at 6:30PM

Meeting at 7:00PM

Guest Speaker: Norm Jacobs

Topic: Dealing with Dry Shade

Meeting Location: Members Home

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Arbutus Garden Arts is a wonderful example of dry shade gardening and Norm will be sharing info born of experience! I began gardening under my grandmother's tutelage in New Jersey at around age five - tending vegetables, trimming boxwood hedges, and pruning roses. While in high school, we moved to California where I quickly supplemented the three old apricot trees around our house with fruit and veggies in the back yard, and a typically Bay Area ornamental front yard. College was math/physics, but I got involved in what was then fledgling "community garden" programs where landless apartment dwellers could rent a plot of ground for gardening. I was also very fortunate to have been in the neighbor- hood when Alice Waters launched her first "edible classroom" in North Berkeley. Ornamental horticulture became a hobby, then an obsession, and finally a business after I met my wife and now partner in Arbutus Garden Arts. Deb is a botanist with an eclectic view of plants and landscaping while I pursued training in Japanese garden design. We moved onto 20 acres of bare land thirty years ago and began a garden almost immediately. In the late 1990s we moved the farm's focus over to nursery, which along with landscape design and my design work in storm-water storage systems is now Arbutus Garden Arts. As a nursery we specialize in Japanese maples, dwarf conifers, and Epimedium, with sidelines such as dry-woodland species peonies.

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Plant of the Month: Hydrangea Paniculata 'Limelight'

Hydrangea Paniculata 'Limelight'

This is an exciting hardy Hydrangea from Holland, 'Limelight' has unique bright chartreuse blooms in mid-summer that hold bright and refreshing color right into autumn when the blooms change color to a rich deep pink. The autumn display of chartreuse and pink blooms on the same plant is breathtaking! The color makes a great addition to the garden and it blends wonderfully with all other colors. Use 'Limelight', either fresh or dried, in bouquets to make a unique floral design. This is an easy to grow plant with reliable flowering and flower color regardless of soil pH. The flower heads are of good size, ranging from 6 to 12 inches and are held upright on the shrub. The blooms are well distributed making a very nice plant and display.


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